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CINEMA FRANCAIS -- ARLETTY: A GUILTY PASSION (Arletty, Une Passion Coupable, 2015)

Finding first-run international movies requires vigilance. But then, if you're a reviewer, publicists often send screener requests for consideration, including films that have been released in France, for example, for years. The following made-for-television movie was originally aired in 2015.


During the filming of Les Enfants Paradis (The Children of Paradise) in 1945, Arletty (her stage name), a revered French actress became torn between her blue-blood, lesbian lover (who also secretly supported the French Resistance) and a German officer who served under Goering. Based on a true story, the television movie about Arletty portrays her as a passionate yet self-centered woman who took the war, the sacrifices that her countrymen had made for granted. Arletty's maid and confidant whose brother once loved the actress, he died during World War I, reminds Arletty of the cost of the woman's indiscretions to no avail.

Difficulty finding sympathy for the character and her lovers becomes offset by supporting players such as Joséphine Draї as the maid. The leads, Laetitia Casta as Arletty, Ken Duken as Hans (the German officer) and Marie Josée-Croze as Arletty's lover Antoinette give solid performances, with Josée-Croze the less fleshed out but more interesting character of the three.

Still, if you have the opportunity to see this drama, you might discover a story almost too hard to believe.

Unrated. Profanity, sex, smoking and adult themes.

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