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Provincetown Film Festival

NEW ENGLAND SHORTS PROGRAM 2 (3rd entry of five)

Every year newcomers flock to Cape Cod either to settle permanently or buy a second home for vacations. Those who live her full-time often work three jobs to support themselves. Those who have second homes usually want to relax, enjoy what the Cape has to offer.

Then, we have Cape Codders. They distinguish themselves from "wash ashores" (non-native residents) because they were born here; some Cape Codders come from generations as far back as the Mayflower.

Among all three groups, there are some who forget that the Wampanoag have lived on Cape Cod long before the Mayflower's settlers took root. What's more, others overlook, even worse disparage, the migrants that have come here either on visas or to live here permanently. Hence the need for White Space (2021).

A twelve-minute short directed by Michael Cestaro, he sets the scene by initially leaving the camera lens unfocused, blurred, until a woman approaches the camera.

Alexandra, one of four women featured in this short, has a distinct accent which explains her reserve: she worries that as a recent immigrant, a Dreamer, her improving but still splintered English will separate her even more than the color of her skin. Of the four, she's the most emotional, sensitive--not having lived here long enough to have become inured.

The other Americans, Muska, Mozelle and Tianna express their feelings about race on the Cape via different vehicles. Muska articulates, uses convincing discourse; Mozelle sings her power then explains her truth; while Tianna sings, plays the guitar, speak-sings, and talks about her thoughts.

Tianna, has the burden of not only being black but also (her label) queer--if the world isn't difficult enough for a woman of color to navigate. In essence, she carries a double weight on her shoulders. Her tempered anger, careful yet pungent words explain so much.

They want to be heard, seen; given respect without having to explain themselves. Each woman, in the end, finishes their stories on a positive and/or hopeful note. Listen, watch and experience White Space.


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