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Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Plots headlined by a matriarch who holds the extended clan together, as her husband tries to keep the group afloat isn't new. Loveling (2018), nevertheless, emphasizes the joys of having roots rather than solely focusing on the sorrows of family dynamics.

Set in the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro, Irene, the mother portrayed by Karine Teles, wrestles with a useless facet as her son, Fernando (Konstantinos Sarris) defends the goal in a championship game of handball. His expertise catches the eye of a recruiter who wants Fernando to play professionally in Germany. Irene unlike her husband, Klaus (Otávio Müller), and three other sons, has mixed feelings about her eldest leaving home and living abroad. Much of the film comprises her scattered emotions that then fuel her ambition, Klaus's desire to show he can carry his weight in supporting Irene and the children, and Fernando's own struggles as he recognizes the responsibility that lies ahead.

Teles, a star in her native Brazil, becomes the character given the strongest storyline by Writer/Director Gustavo Pizzi and Teles who co-wrote the script. And for diverting entertainment, without fanfare or emotive scenes, Loveling provides a welcome change from the many somber indies streaming these days.

Unrated. Adult themes. Brazilian-Portuguese with English subtitles.

Available on and to rent on Amazon Prime.

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