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Loving maple syrup in New England, almost a requisite, involves knowing the different shades of color (and taste) available, just as the autumn leaves display variations of hues. So, a movie about craft syrup-makers being threatened by a corporate invader in the same town could be a learning experience along with entertaining.

Sam (Alexandra Case) and Jess (Stephanie Lynn, who has an uncanny resemblance to Jessica Chastain) have had a special bond since childhood. Hence, the title, Soulmates. They share everything, with Sam not restraining her opinions, including writing op-eds for the paper; whereas Jess, who works at the small maple syrup factory, being the shyer of the two. Once a new competitor enters the community, an unexpected division arises between the friends.

For romantics, this sweet confection avoids becoming too sticky. But the movie belongs on the Hallmark Channel, not on the big screen. The cliched dialogue, formulaic set-up and resolution, as well as the largely underwhelming performances diminish the possibility for a more substantial story. Billed as a comedy, the laughs are pasteurized at best.

Watch Soulmates on demand to escape from the usual dark, dreary releases these days. Be prepared, however, for the standard romantic format.

Unrated as of this publication date. Definitely, a movie adults will enjoy more than kids.

Available on VOD and in theaters on November 9th.

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