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Writer/Director Charlotte Juergens attended the 70th commemoration of the invasion of Omaha Beach. Nothing unusual except that the twenty-two-year-old woman accompanied ninety-year-old Don McCarthy and seven other D-Day veterans on their journey. An expedition to remember those that gave their lives to free occupied France and to turn the tide of World War II.

For Sunken Roads (2021), Juergens documented their personal history as well as their trip to Normandy. She also interviewed surviving Frenchmen and/or relatives who experienced or knew stories about the days leading to the pivotal moment of the war. on their shores.

Narrated by Juergens, she explains her reasons for undertaking a new viewpoint. And, she demonstrates compassion, maturity far beyond her years. Wisely, though, she allows her subjects to tell their stories without too much explanatory narrative.

The ninety-four-minute film recalls the veterans' memories by providing visual recollections via photographs along with real-time footage of their travels.

Take a moment to watch, listen to Sunken Roads. These brave men's stories, even in death, should never be silenced.

Unrated. Emotional, traumatic re-tellings of war experiences.

Opening in select theaters and on VOD November 5th.

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