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Updated: Jul 9, 2021

Why should an action movie with box-office clout (Chris Pratt) be only available for streaming? Now that movies have begun to open in theaters again, those films that had already been scheduled for VOD (Video On Demand) may not have a chance to open in cinemas. The logistics can be daunting.

Speaking of tactics, The Tomorrow War (2021), now available on Amazon Prime, features a

familiar formula--battling aliens, jumping along the time line, lots of human carnage and a soundtrack overscored by sound effects, mainly machine gun fire.

Attempts at humor don't come from the movie's star Pratt as Dan Forester an ex-Iraqi war vet, but an underused, battle-neophyte, Gator (Sam Richardson). The two men meet when they're drafted to go to the future and fight carnivorous creatures that have been predicted to eradicate all mankind.

Most of the world's armies have been obliterated and civilians have become the last hope. Somehow, Dan has avoided protecting the world prior to his conscription. He hopes to use his science experience to aid in killing the aliens.

Whom he meets and what happens after reaching the future reeks of predictability. The writers have done their homework, though. Live, Die Repeat (2014, originally titled Edge of Tomorrow), without the time looping, Starship Troopers (1994) and the forgettable Battleship (2012) all have similar modus operandi.

The personal dramas have merit because of actors such as Oscar-winning actor, J.K. Simmons as Forester's estranged father, Yvonne Strahovski as the future's commander of operations, Betty Gilpin as Forester's wife and Keith Powers as an embittered vet, Terry.

Everything else fumes of mediocrity--the underwhelming CGI, the formulaic, cliched dialogue, as well as the foreseen resolution.

The Tomorrow War loses ground in no-man's land, then tanks.

Unrated. War scenes awash with alien blood,/fluids, swearing, and incessant machine gun fire.

Available on Amazon Prime only.

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